How to remove more phosphorus with less coagulant

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ARTICLE How to remove more phosphorus with less coagulant How can a wastewater treatment plant improve phosphorus removal while reducing the amount of coagulant it’s using? The answer: switch to a coagulant that forms a strong, preferential bond with phosphorus. Here’s why that works. Conventional aluminum- or iron-based coagulants don’t form a strong bond with […]

ClariPhos™ coagulant improves UV disinfection for Ontario WWTP

After switching to ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant to evaluate its ability to improve phosphorus removal, operators at an Ontario WWTP noticed that UV disinfection also experienced a big boost. It turns out that better settling in the clarifier led to higher UV transmittance in the effluent, and a significant improvement in UV disinfection.

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