Carbon footprint reduced using solids management solution

Bishop Water’s solids management solution reduces carbon footprint and saves money

Did you know that Bishop Water’s solids management solution can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a project and save money using Geotube® containers?

In fact, in Zutphen, the Netherlands, Geotube® containers dewatered and contained dredged material. Then the containers stayed onsite as part of a harbour remediation project. This drastically cut the project’s carbon footprint and installation costs compared to a conventional solution. The conventional solution would potentially involve mechanical dewatering and hauling sediment and backfill, which can be expensive and energy intensive.

In total, 18,000 cubic metres (23,543 cubic yards) of harbour sediment was dredged and dewatered. Most of this contaminated sediment would otherwise have been trucked out for confinement in disposal facilities, which would have been an additional expense.

Natural dewatering process saves CO2

Geotube® containers quickly and cost-effectively solved the problem on site and with much less carbon emissions than the mechanical belt press technology. In fact, the Geotube® dewatering solution emits only one-fifth the CO2 compared to the conventional mechanical solution.

Little mechanical pumping is required for Geotube® containers to dewater the contained sediment. Excess water drains from the Geotube® containers through the small pores in the geotextile skin, effectively dewatering and consolidating contained material. A chemical accelerant can also speed up the process and help achieve greater dewatering.

The containers can handle very large sludge volumes, achieving a very high solids capture rate with low capital investment. Best of all for Zutphen, the containers can be safely reused as ‘giant sandbags’ and are virtually immovable once in place.

No trucking back and forth saves money and carbon emissions

For Zutphen’s harbour project, Geotube® containers were filled with dredged sediment and dewatered on site. The containers stayed in the same location where they then stabilized the adjacent riverbank, therefore replacing the need to haul in fill materials.

Geotube® containers eliminate the need for a convoy of trucks carrying dredge, slurry, backfill or breakwater rocks. These items are usually trucked in and out of the site, most of the time across vast distances. Geotube® containers can be filled on site with dredged contaminated sediment saving time and money.

From harbours and groynes to beaches and wetlands, Geotube® containers have been customized to the diverse needs of clients world-wide.

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