Patented filling ports provide reliable dewatering

TenCate filling ports provide maximized and reliable dewatering

While the filling port connection is typically one of the weakest points in a standard dewatering container, Tencate’s specialized filling ports provide reliable dewatering performance and help avoid disastrous failures experienced by other containers.

Despite the simple appearance, the high-quality construction of Tencate’s GP4 and GP8 ports has enabled Bishop Water to provide a reliable solids management solution that consistently achieves site requirements for containment and dewatering. Over the last 13 of years, Bishop Water has filled hundreds of Geotube® containers in a number of demanding applications, such as shoreline protection, without any failures.

Tencate’s filling system simplifies the port connection and filling process. Unlike conventional filling ports, Tencate’s GP4 and GP8 connections are made of rubber gaskets and secured with bolts. These parts provide a more stable connection that allows for more reliable dewatering. This is because the filling port increase the safety factor which allows Geotube® containers to fill to taller heights. The GP4 and GP8 connections can handle flows up to 200 LPM (53 gpm) and 500 LPM (132 gpm) respectively. This allows for faster filling of the Geotube® containers and as a result, faster dewatering.

The Bishop Water Solution

Bishop Water can adapt its solids management solution for a wide variety of conditions. They customize each system for the needs of each project. For example, sites with varying sludge conditions require careful polymer control to maximize dewatering performance. Bishop Water staff select the best polymer for a client’s needs and ensure the correct dosage on an ongoing basis.

Let Bishop Water’s expert team assist with all aspects of your project including design, installation, polymer selection, and training.

Read our case study to see how Bishop Water’s solids management solution is a long-term solution at the North Rustico Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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