Monolithic Protection From Shoreline Erosion

Protection from Shoreline Erosion with Geotube Containers

Does a massive, tapered structure provide better protection from shoreline erosion than rip rap or armor stone when a hard stabilization method is needed to protect property from shoreline erosion?

There’s a large body of evidence to say that it would.

More Than 150 Miles of Protection from Shoreline Erosion

More than 150 miles (241 km) of shoreline worldwide is protected by Geotube® containers against erosion caused by storms, waves, flood waters, ice and human activity. Many of these installations have been protecting shorelines for decades and face some of the toughest waves and weather on the planet.

Geotube® containers are one of the best alternatives for protection from shoreline erosion. The size, shape and materials of Geotube® containers all contribute to their success in providing superior shoreline protection.

Here’s how:

  1. Virtually immovable mass – A single Geotube® container is more than 100-feet (30.5-m) long and when filled with sand could weigh up to 150 tons (136 tonnes). With that much mass, it becomes extremely difficult for waves or ice to shift the Geotube® container.
  2. Deflective elliptical shape – As ice advances towards the shoreline, the elliptical shape of the Geotube® containers can deflect the ice and force it up and over the structure. Conventional barriers made of materials such as armour stone or timber, face the ice head-on and are often dislodged or heaved up.
  3. Durable, impact-resistant technology – Geotube® containers are specially designed for shoreline protection and are manufactured using high-strength polypropylene multifilament yarns that meet several ASTM standards for fabric strength, seam strength and puncture resistance. In extremely demanding applications, Geotube® containers can be further protected with a Geotube® Debris Shield, a polyurea coating, or even a conventional barrier such as an armour stone wall.
  4.  Simple installation – A breakwater structure made of Geotube® containers could be filled with material that is dredged from the water body. This dramatically reduces truck traffic, carbon emissions, and could also reduce the time and cost to complete the project.

Monolithic shoreline protection with Geotube from BishopA Success Story:

A Geotube® shown during installation at Round Lake, Ontario in 2013. The 100-foot long container has provided several years of shoreline protection from waves and ice push. Due to its  bulk and rounded contour, waves and ice have been unable to shift it and compromise the integrity of the shoreline. The Geotube® container is also more aesthetically pleasing than alternatives since it’s covered with soil and provides a gently sloping surface that resembles the natural shoreline.

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