Bishop Water brings Biocord Reactors to New Zealand

Biocord Reactor

Bishop Water Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Southwater Ltd. to provide distribution, installation and technical support for BioCord™ Reactors throughout New Zealand. 

About Southwater Ltd. 

Southwater is a rapidly growing company that specialises in water and wastewater treatment and dredging services in New Zealand. The addition of BioCord Reactors expands the company’s portfolio of products with a simple, low-energy biological wastewater treatment process for a range of clients in the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. 

Pilot Testing Opportunities

The company has already identified several sites that are interested in performing pilot testing with BioCord reactor to remove high concentrations of nutrients from waste streams. In some cases, the BioCord reactor systems will treat filtrate from Geotube® containers that are capturing, dewatering and consolidating process solids. For other projects, the BioCord reactors will be installed directly into wastewater treatment lagoons to enhance the biological removal of ammonia and ensure compliance with regulatory discharge limits for treated effluent. 

Why pair Geotube® containers with BioCord Reactors?

The combination of Geotube® containers with BioCord Reactors creates an affordable, easy to operate and highly efficient wastewater treatment system that is ideal as a rapidly deployable packaged offering. Geotube® filtration and containment provides excellent TSS and BOD reduction while also retaining contaminants such as metals and phosphorus. Where further treatment is needed for the Geotube® filtrate, BioCord fixed-film technology provides a high-density, vertically oriented medium on which to establish a stable, concentrated biofilm. Once established, a BioCord system is self-regulating, requires little electricity for aeration, and is resistant to high hydraulic and organic loading. 

Learn more about simple, low-energy Geotube® dewatering and BioCord Reactors for wastewater treatment. 

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