Renfrew water company showcased on world stage

Bishop Water Technologies has made a splash on the world scene.

Kevin Bossy, CEO of Bishop Water Technologies (right), speaks with Todd Latham, publisher of Water Canada magazine at the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver on March 16. Submitted photo WaterTAP/Josh Chong – WaterTAP/Josh Chong

Kevin Bossy, CEO, has recently returned from the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver where he was part of the Ontario delegation.

More than 1,000 people were in attendance from around the world with some major companies such as Tesla and Clean Tech Canada.

“It was really interesting from a business perspective and really good to understand what others were doing,” said Bossy. “There were people there from Italy, Kenya, South America and it was a very short flight to see the world.”

Renfrew’s BWT was highlighted as a standout company in WaterTAP’s newest report “Water: The next frontier on the path to a low carbon economy,” which, according to a press release, asserts that clean water technology is vital to meeting green house gas (GHG) emission targets.

BWT was highlighted as an innovative Ontario-based company for what they are doing to reduce green house gases in the water sector.

The Renfrew based company was recognized for is facility in Perth, which has had significant reduction in GHG.

According to the press release the report recommends a continuing focus on clean water technology as a reliable, cost-effective way to lower GHG emissions and create energy savings.

BWT has been operating in Canada since 2008 and in Renfrew since 2014, and according to its website provides a full suite of sludge management products including chemical conditioning equipment, flocculants and coagulants, BioCord Reactors for biological wastewater treatment and Geotube Technology for shoreline protection and solids consolidation applications.

(Originally posted on Inside Ottawa Valley)